Chani Camp Form


To be completed by parents / guardians ONLY –NOT by campers!

Please note:

Information disclosed in this document is confidential (information shared in this document will be safeguarded, refrained from sharing without a justified reason) specifically by the committee of camp, with the inclusion of the Heads of camp.

However, partial confidentiality (some information will have to be shared to protect the well-being of your child) will be maintained as specific details (medical information) will be disclosed to the tent advisor/s of your child. Tent advisors will be liable to a non-disclosure clause to protect the privileged content in this document.

However please note, confidentiality between advisors on camp is limited in the case of:

  • Harm to your child.
  • Harm to another child.
  • Communicable illnesses.


Please be mindful to include all relevant information pertaining to your child’s well-being. It is crucial that the heads of the camp are well informed.

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Parent's Details
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