Bikkur Cholim

Welcome to Bikkur Cholim, a charity organisation geared towards the aiding & comforting of Jewish Community Members who are experiencing medical difficulties.

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The Jewish Society for Visiting the Sick

Bikkur Cholim is a group of dedicated volunteers who go on a regular basis to visit various hospitals, clinics and nursing homes in the Johannesburg area. We offer comfort to patients, a token gift, and any other support, whether it is a lift back from the hospital, a meal the night that they get home or accessing medical equipment.


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Bikkur Cholim & Camp Kesher are proud to…

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Any donation goes a long way in helping us fulfill our goals towards the community.

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Camp Kesher

The perfect retreat for children who are part of the South African Jewish Community

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Do you know anybody who is not well?

Please fill in their names below and we will daven on their behalf for a complete Refuah Shleimah

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Shabbos Care Packages Application

Do you know of somebody in hospital over Shabbos who would like a Shabbos Care Package. This package contains Challah, grape juice, Torah material and some snacks to alleviate the pain of being in hospital over Shabbos.

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